We're bringing sand to the beach 'cause our beach is better. The "Life's A Beach" Collection Will include new hats, tees, hoodies, and terry towel shorts! This collection has been designed with all pastel/monochromatic colors to mix and match different pieces. All hats, tee's, and hoodies feature the "Life's A Beach" moniker embroidered in a classic font. All hats have your standard dad hat feel with gold brass detailing and leather straps. Tees are made of 100% soft cotton with a slightly looser fit for those hotter days. The hoodies are made of a lightweight terry fleece perfect for those summer nights and those not so cold fall days. As far as the shorts go we have been getting a lot of requests to bring the velour back so with that in mind we made the ultimate cozy short. Made of a lightweight terry towel shell and mesh guts these will be the shorts your girl (or side piece, we don't judge) will be trying to "Borrow". Pricing And Any Further Details WIll Be Added Soon. THIS NEW COLLECTION WILL GO LIVE ON THE SITE (DATE COMING SOON) AT 8:00PM EASTERN TIME. PLEASE REFER TO THE PHOTOS ABOVE & FOLLOW @SMPLIND FOR ANY MORE UPDATES! MORE PHOTOS To COme.


"Life's a beach" Hats: $26
"Life's a beach" Tees: $28
"Life's a beach" Terry towel Shorts: $42
"Life's a beach" Hoodie: $45

Colors - White, Black, Nude/pastel pink, Teal, Pastel Green, Grey, & Pastel Blue (With Slight Variations Depending On The Piece)

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