Are you ready? On August 12th at 8PM Eastern we will be making our BIGGEST merch drop ever available! Please be aware that we will only be selling what is left from each city so LIMITED quantities are available! Here's a complete rundown of every city that will be included. All the way from chicago we will have shorts, tees, and a windbreaker themed around the chicago bulls. For the london tings out there we will have a soccer jersey, soccer shorts, world tour 2.0 pants, and world tour 2.0 windbreakers! Back when we were in the bay we sold out but we heard your requests and we will be restocking the bay area shorts! We are also bringing a few pairs of our dallas shorts themed around the old school mavericks jerseys! LAST up we have LA featuring exclusive shorts and vintage inspired tees made specifically for sample industries. We also have very limited runs of our collab with the qrew including, shorts, warmup jerseys, and baskEttball jerseys themed around the lakers. Both the warm up jerseys and baskettball jersey are individually number from 1-100 to ensure you are the only person to own that specific piece. PLEASE REFER TO THE PHOTOS ABOVE & FOLLOW @SMPLIND FOR ANY MORE UPDATES! 

Here's The Pricing Rundown:

CHICAGO: Shorts - $70 Tees - $30 windbreaker - $80

london: Soccer Jersey - $40 soccer shorts $30 World Tour Pants - $80 World tour Windbreaker - $80

Bay Area: Shorts $70

Dallas: Shorts - $60

*UPDATE* All LA Merch Will Be Dropping This Wednesday The 16th At 8pm EST.

LA: Sample Tee - $30 Sample Shorts - $60  Collab Shorts - $70 Collab Warmup - $50 Collab Jersey - $80

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