Apart from Sample Industries our constructional division team is looking for members to join our employees only pack. Once employees go the screening process they’ll receive their construction gear. First, employees will have a choice between a black or neon yellow hoodie. The hoodies base material is neoprene, 3M reflective strips on the shoulders to the base of hoodie and around the sleeves. Company name and logo is embroidered on the front and back. The wrist and base of hoodie feature a neon orange to mimic the color of working gloves. Second, Due to the temperature rising we’re issuing out two t-shirts in black and neon green. The t-shirts feature one of our new designs for our construction division. The front design adds the “employee” insignia letting people know you’re a dedicated member. On the back beneath the design is our phone number to the Virginia and Georgia offices in case of emergency. Lastly, the neon orange construction vest. You can’t be an employee of this construction division without a vest. The vest offers six pockets to store all your goodies and 3M reflective stripes cover the back and front of the vest. On the back Sample Industries is spelled out in the reflective material with our design in black. Vest is also light way so it can fit on top of the t-shirt or hoodie. Each piece can be worn together making you outfitted to work.

Releasing: 3/30/19 at 8PM EST

Drop List:

Employee Tee (Black & Safety Yellow) - $32

Employee Safety Vest (Neon Orange) - $55

Employee Neoprene Hoodie (Black & Safety Yellow) - $85

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