To start off spring we're dropping the collection that has been being asked about since last year! As part of our "sample sports" line these pieces are inspired by the game of tennis. New shorts,hats, and tees in multiple colorways will be dropping from this collection. Hats feature embroidered details, leather strap, & golden brass clasp. Tees feature logos on front and back with small embroidery at the front. Shorts are multicolored with embroidery on right leg and a small logo at the left knee. This drop WILL GO LIVE ON THE SITE APRIL 21ST AT 8PM EASTERN. PLEASE REFER TO THE PHOTOS ABOVE & FOLLOW @SMPLIND FOR ANY MORE UPDATES! 


HAT - $34

Shorts - $45

Tee - $34

COLORS - BLACK/MULTI, White/Multi, Red/Multi, Blue/Multi

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